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Culinary Arts - A Choice for Perfect Foodie Career!

Updated on: Mar 24, 2015

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When a person loves eating, it is absolutely sure that he/she would always appreciate bettering the entire motif of eating. They alone will understand the difference between the ones who live to eat and others who eat to live. If you can relate well to these lines, then no doubt you have landed on quite a beneficial page! Food cannot get astonishingly better and ornamented less than through Culinary Arts. And the professionals with a Culinary Arts degree, being designated as Chefs, stand nowhere less to seek an extremely prestigious position in the gourmet world.

The lovers of food do not take an off day either. It is always at the back of their minds. They will always be absorbing and thinking of new ways to use a newfound ingredient in the market or at a restaurant. Chefs never stop creating ART. Food is art. It is in the very name of this creative course-Culinary Art. Regardless of what time in the day it is, whether it is a weekday or a weekend, when inspiration strikes a chef, it never goes ignored. Rather it is acted upon and brought onto the table. And undoubtedly, this creative art is perfected through various Culinary Arts courses.

Drive Your Culinary Career Ahead

If you are a foodie and also love cooking, there is no looking back after pursuing a Culinary Arts course. Diplomas, Certificate, Associate’s, Bachelor’s and even Master’s programs are offered by a host of colleges in and around the country such as AIMS in Bangalore; each bring their own strengths to the table. You can picture yourself standing in chef’s whites, engaged in your dream job and work the equation in reverse to see the best means to get you there.  A great strategy as you plan out your educational path is to keep it simple; which means, you like cooking, go for it!

Expect a Culinary Diploma to teach you with classical cooking skills and mastery of fundamental techniques in the kitchen. Knife skills and trade tools’ proficiency like fryers, grills and mixers are a requisite part of any Culinary Arts Diploma program.  Kitchen sanitation and safety practices are also given a lot of emphasis in this course.  It will enable you to quickly progress in multiple kitchen disciplines thereby preparing you to work in any of the many kitchen ‘stations’. Classical recipes are dissected and seasoned until they become second nature.  Hands-on food prep is fundamental of several well respected diploma curricula. Comprehending flavors and forming logical food pairings becomes easier once students grasp the theory of great cooking.

Beyond skills of knife and persistent short-order food preparation, chefs would be responsible for managing staff, developing the menu, troubleshooting and guiding the direction of the kitchen being administered.

An Executive or Sous Chef is responsible for taking charge of all the above responsibilities after pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree which expands the boundaries of thoughts beyond the conventional cooking and serving styles.

Lower-level kitchen staff and line cooks are trained for emulating the food philosophies.  The owners and the general managers build up the reputations of their brands by their ability to successful put forth consistently delicious food, regardless of their presence or absence in the kitchen.  

A soulful meal is an outcome of expert cooking, eye-catching garnish and a flawless table presentation. All these facets could be mastered through Culinary Arts courses offered by several schools like AIMS, Bangalore. Obviously, a Culinary Arts professional makes a handsome salary and it is completely flexible on an individual’s performance inputs. As per a survey, the range of packages offered in top brand Taj Group for Executive Chef is in between INR 281,000 and INR 3,000,000 per annum while a Sous Chef makes somewhere in between INR 589,581 - INR 1,017,365 per annum.

So no more waiting when you can eat and feed others the magic of food through professional training by opting for a Culinary Arts program!

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